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Computer Accounts

Signable version (pdf)

Personal accounts on CS computer systems are granted to users for electronic mail, information system and Internet access. In addition to CS's Computing Facilities Acceptable Use Policy, the following apply to the use of personal computer accounts:

  1. Accounts are assigned for use solely by the account holder.
  2. Account holders are responsible for all messages and information sent or published from their computer account; for example, via electronic mail, USENET postings or World Wide Web publishing.
  3. Account holders understand that the Internet contains information which may be considered inappropriate, obscene or illegal and due to technical and legal concerns, the University cannot identify or block access to this information. Account holders (and their guardians) agree not to hold the University responsible for material retrieved from the Internet.
  4. Accounts will be immediately revoked for abusive conduct. Such conduct would include, but not be limited to: the placing of unlawful or copyrighted information on the system, attempts to breach system security, harassment and abuse of others privacy. Common sense and good manners should govern account holders' on-line behavior.

By signing, account holders agree to be bound this policy. If account holder is under the age of 18, legal guardian must also sign.

Approved by campus policy review process, 3-13-97

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